Meet Our Staff

Premier CMS is a master builder and remodeler that works towards a common goal. All our homes, of course, begin with a foundation and a base.

Ray L. Zimmerman – Owner – is a licensed class-A commercial and residential builder with over 37 years’ experience in the residential building industry. He got his start in the industry as a punch out guy for RG Moore Building Corporation in 1981. Through this time, he worked diligently at learning the industry and within 5 years became the construction manager of all field construction, later becoming Senior Vice President of the corporation. During his tenure he was involved with the delivery of over 5,000 homes. In 1996, with 15 years of experience, Ray established a building construction firm that grew to deliver in excess of 1,500 homes, acquired 5,500 lots and expanded operations into ten municipalities from Hampton Roads to the Richmond area of Virginia. Ray offers limitless knowledge of the construction industry and a personal approach to the home-building process. He is with you every step of the way, providing vast knowledge and expertise to everything from the design of your new home and the budgeting of the project to the management of the entire process.

Premier’s Staff

Raymond “Little Ray” K. Zimmerman – Field Operations Manager

Ray has worked for the company for over 25 years. He oversees the construction activities on each project, and has established years’ worth of relationships with local contractors and suppliers. He has a broad range of experience in field operations, scheduling, and customer service.

Jeff Maynor – Director of Operations

As our Director of Operations, Jeff oversees all departments within Premier. He continuously works on enhancing our business operations and analyzing data and creating workflow so that we operate efficiently.  He has his hands in many pots at Premier with managing the budgets, helping implement marketing strategies, and assists in the due diligence of new projects. Jeff has over 20 years’ experience in residential home building. Having built or rehabbed over 100 homes and managed over 200 rental units. Prior to building, he was Vice President of a mortgage banking firm managing a $25,000,000 warehouse line with over 20 employees for 15 years.  

Kimi Mather – General Manager  

Kimi is a seasoned expert with over 20 years’ experience in the dynamic realm of home design and Human Resources. She brings a unique blend of creative flair and business acumen to the forefront making her the perfect person to deliver quality service in the many roles she juggles at Premier CMS. Kimi handles an incredible array of responsibilities including, but not limited to overseeing staff, accounts payable, payroll, communications, scheduling, and acts as a liaison between the field and clients.

Buck Gregory – Assistant Project Manager  

With a broad perspective of the home building process, Buck joined the Premier team with an enthusiasm for custom home building. He began as closeout specialist, working with homeowners, project managers, project coordinators and subcontractors to promote a top-quality finish. He went on to become an Assistant Project Manager, gaining wider experience in construction on and off-site. He utilizes his eye for detail and his skill for communication to develop an efficient project atmosphere.  

Ben Adams – Finisher “Diamond in the Ruff” 

In his role as Finisher with Premier CMS, Ben prides himself on his ability to meet and exceed client expectations by efficiently managing subcontractors, ensuring the build schedule is adhered to and the home is built to the highest standard possible. The ultimate satisfaction of reaching a finished project is his driving force. 

Premier will provide you with the best experience possible! You can trust in our owner and our staff!